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Mariah Carey -- Hangin' Out with Brett Ratner On His Birthday! (PHOTO)
Mariah Carey celebrated the birthday of her boyfriend, King Brett Ratner Saturday ... aboard the USS Rich People. TMZ broke the story ...Mariah and Brett are in full-blown couple mode, sailing around the Bahamas on a mega-yacht owned by one of…

Cuba Gooding Jr. -- Visits Pacquiao Training Camp ... Dude Looks Fast!
Another celebrity guest at the Manny Pacquaio training camp ... this time Cuba Gooding Jr. spent some time with the challenger ... but says the whole thing is going down TEN YEARS too late! CG2 was out in L.A. -- and even though he praised Manny…

French Montana--Cruisin' and Boozin' in Miami Beach
French Montana may have violated the laws of the Sea-Doo Saturday ... because it sure looks like he's drinking on the watercraft. French was traversing the area around Diddy's house, drinking from a Ciroc vodka bottle and looking like a spokesmodel.…

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