Gene Simmons Says He Was ‘Wrong’ And ‘Not Informed’ About Cannabis

Gene Simmons said he was “wrong” and “not informed” about cannabis as he began his role as “chief evangelical officer” for Canadian cannabis company Invictus. The announcement of Simmons involvement in the company last week took many fans by surprise, since Simmons had always been outspoken about the use of any form of drugs. “I was wrong and I was not informed,” Simmons told the Toronto Sun in a recent interview. “I’ve been dismissive of cannabis. And I didn’t know much about it. I just dismissed it out of hand.”  Simmons, who was taking part in an event to publicize Invicta’s launch on the Toronto Stock Exchange revealed that he’d purchased “10 million” in the company’s stock and his commitment included appearing at a minimum of 50 promotional events over the next five years.

GENE SIMMONS Says That He Has Softened His Stance On Cannabis: ‘I Was Wrong And I Was Not Informed’


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