Write a Bio they said.
Make it interesting they said.
Should be easy they said.
Keep it short they said.

I'm Charlene the Host of 2 girls and A Mic with Bryant!! How did I get
here? That's probably explained best through my series of marriages
and the almost gay marriage or possibly sister wives one I'm in now!!

My first husband and current one is Tim/ Bobblehead we've been
together for 21 years now. I fell for the now retired Army Helicopter
Pilot Flight Suit!! I'm a Sucker for uniforms. Bobblehead? Aptly
named, he has the largest head measurement in the United States Army.
Thanks Boeing for the custom flight helmet! We have two amazingly
brilliant kids Jacob 16 and Abby 13! Also we may be dog hoarding with
Fat Maggie, Elvis and Zippy. I think we all know who the favorite is!!

My first radio Husband was Karson with a K on 105.3 The Zone in 2001.
I was in Sales. Karson asked if I'd like to try out for the Morning
Show I said Yes, never actually thinking I would get it. He named me
"Kelly", because of a weird infatuation with Kelly Rippa, we were
together for 2 years.

Karson left and I was single on Mid Days at Rock 102.5 for a year in
2003! The powers at be insisted I have a last name on air. Being the
eternal smarty pants I chose "Galore". Hello, my name is Kelly Galore.

I took a break for a couple of years and worked at a motorcycle shop.
I was asked out of my self imposed retirement to enter into an
arranged radio marriage with John Houston on The Best Mix 106.7 KMX.
The year was 2005. He was way too smart for me. He would tell a
joke....I got it an hour later, I would tell a joke....he would hit
the delay button....we divorced after a few months. He is hands down
the sweetest ex-husband a girl could ask for!!

Make way for Squirrel my last radio husband, we were Squirrel and
Kelly's Morning Train Wreck on 106.7 KMX for 2005-2007! We, along with
Bryant Corbit and Stephano set off on a whirlwind Wiregrass adventure!
Squirrel was the great Radio Love of my Life but he wanted to ship off
and we didn't survive the long distance relationship. He's the one
that got away!

Fast Forward 6 years and enter Sandy! The pop to my tart, the corn to
my flake, the get it! For the full Sandy/Charlene Bio go to (We love Bio's!!!) it's all there!  We set off
on this adventure to use some Radio contacts to promote the spa. We
entered The Radio People hoping for some advertising we left with a
Morning Show!

Our hope is that you will laugh a lot, that you will realize you are
not the only crazy person on earth, that you get involved with our
amazing community by doing some charity and that above all in this
complicated overly politically correct thing we call life you have a
little fun!! We are literally JUST 2 ridiculously average girls who
were given a Mic. Please join us on our adventure to cause a little
mischief and dabble in some shenanigans!!

(Well it was Kelly, until Sandy said she could NOT get used to calling
me that and that this is now and that was then. Ah love....that 's my
new radio spouse!)