The KMX "X" Project

Its simple as 1,2,3 or 5,6,7,8.

First you listen to KMX, Every time you win from KMX...ANY TIME!!!!
You will get a "X". That X could be worth 15,000 Dollars!!
Dont worry, If you can not listen to KMX all day, we will have X Stops just to give away our X's.

At a later date, we will ALL MEET at a undisclosed location with the X"s and find out who will
Keep listening to win and to find out the secret location.........That is all....for now!


Name of person entering must be at least 18 years old or deemed ok by KMX mgt under 18 for certain contesting, winner under 18 must have parent/legal guardian
present to win and all taxes or any other dues are the responsibility of parent/legal guardian.
X's are transferable only if the original winner and transfer person are both present at the WKMX offices before November 22nd 2014. Both must have Id's and original winner understands they no longer have any right to any money..... winner of X's and the name under numbered X's must be present to win.
All winners are responsible for all taxes or dues.
WKMX Mgt reserve the right to allow or not allow any persons to enter in drawing for all money, Mgt also reserves the right to allow twist and turns as that is part of the game.
To know where the secret location is winners of an X must listen for location on air and later as mgt reserves the right to decide to allow on Facebook or at station web site.
WKMX management reserves the right to change any rules at any time for any reason. thats part of the twist, not all info will be disclosed until time decided by WKMX Mgt.
Must be present to win.