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MetalliGaga Summore?


Lars Ulrich of Metallica legacy that their Grammy Collaboration with Gaga was was so good that it has to be more than just a ‘One-Off’, more than imply that the two musical forces should work together again. 

Kurt Cobain’s 50th Birthday Top 10 Nirvana

tmpf50d1c18-d042-40f2-a9ec-515b7381d977.jpg  celebrates Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday by compiling the 10 Best Nirvana songs ever. From ‘Rape Me’ to ‘Heart Shaped Box’  there’s a plethora of classics to reminisce with from Nirvana’s 5 years.  UltimateClassicRock Via Today

Heart and A Look Back at Bebe Le Strange


Take a look back at Bebe Le Strange, Heart’s fifth album, and some of the changes that the band had to endure to make it happen and the departure of Roger Fisher. has more below. UltimateClassicRock

Kid Rock for Senator?!? BawWitDaBaw!


His name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid – Kid Rock! And according to this latest report sighting The Pulse Of Radio, “Wes Nakagiri — the activist and now a member of the party’s central committee — said that Rock