Squirrel 3 - 7pm

Lets see, I am back in the wiregrass on WKMX as I call it my Second home. From Tennessee raised in Michigan I started this whole D.j thing when I was about 8yrs, I made my own station in my room as a kid. Officially jumped into this crazy life we live in 1991. I have worked in Nashville, Detroit, San Diego, South Carolina ect… Up and Down the dial …My music catalog in my head goes from the 50s to today, music makes the world go round. Wait...What?... Loves you ask? People, but mostly animals and Hockey, Football, Fast cars and Fast other things n stuff and Of course music, and other things men like. Some people call my attitude a bit sarcastic, I prefer to call it fun. Because you have to go a little crazy to keep from going insane.