Bethany 10-2

Bethany just moved here from Michigan, but is originally from Upstate New York, if you couldn’t tell by her Northern accent. She enjoys the warm southern weather here in Alabama. She is a huge animal lover. Bethany has a Siamese cat named Jasmine, who is pretty much like her child and is way too spoiled. If she could, she would have a home filled with animals. One thing you would never guess about Bethany is she used to play rugby in high school and all throughout college. She is also a huge fan of reality TV shows, specifically the Bachelor and Bachelorette. She even met former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk. If you are a fan of anything to do with Bachelor Nation, you will become instant best friends with Bethany. Bethany loves getting to know you and getting you through the workday every weekday 10am-2pm on All The Hits, 106.7 KMX! Drop Bethany a request at


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